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Proudly Performing Residential Home Inspection Services in Hampton Roads!

Congrats on your big move. At First Glance Home Inspections we perform residential home inspections, pool inspections, and mold and air quality. Our service areas include Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. Furthermore, depending on availability we will also include Hampton and Newport news. 

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James Emenaker

VA Licensed Home Inspector:
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InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector:
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A Little About Me

Hello, I am the owner and operator of First Glance Home Inspections. I am also a Fire Lieutenant for the city of Norfolk. Firefighters take a great pride in everything they do. Due to this, we make exceptional entrepreneurs. I started the business from the ground up and absolutely love what I do. As of 2018 I am the proud father of a beautiful baby girl. 

On top of the stress of buying a home, most people don’t get the chance to meet their inspector until they have already hired them. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to click on the button below to learn a little bit more about me and the business.

More About Me

My Mission Statement

Our mission at First Glance is giving piece of mind by performing a thorough and informative home inspection.
We take a detailed look into your home, so you know exactly what concerns need to be addressed. 

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

C.S. Lewis

My Mission Statement

Our mission at First Glance is giving piece of mind by performing a thorough and informative home inspectionWe take a detailed look into your home, so you know exactly what concerns need to be addressed.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

C.S. Lewis

My Core Values

What To Expect At The Home Inspection

We will arrive at the inspection early, eager to meet you, and ready to search for all visible defects and maintenance items. First, we begin our inspection process on the roof. We carry a 26 ft ladder to get us up to most 2 story homes. If it’s safe to climb, we walk them on foot. Don’t worry even if we can’t walk them, we have a drone and other equipment to view the entire roof. We then inspect the exterior of the home. Thereafter, when the realtor arrives, we move into the inside of the property. If applicable, we save the crawl space for last. This is because we want to run a large amount of water in order to ensure there are no active leaks.

Subsequently, as seen in the video above, we use thermal imaging on every inspection. With this technology we search for water intrusion, missing insulation, electrical concerns, etc. Don’t be afraid to follow us around at the inspection and ask questions along the way. That’s what you paid us for. Therefore, take advantage of it!

The Report

Modern, intuitive home inspection software

do not finish my reports on site, because I want to focus on every detail. However, at the end of the inspection, I will give you a brief summary of the major concerns. Furthermore, the full report will be completed within a maximum of 24 hours of the inspection. Though the vast majority receive it the same day. I use an industry leading, modern reporting software. This interactive HTML report is easy to read and understand. As a result, you can view the full report or focus on the summary at the click of a button. Need the report printed? No problem, there are tabs in order to view and print the PDF versions. 

Sample Reports

What We Inspect

Items included in a home inspection
Items included in a home inspection

What We Inspect

whats included in a home inspection

My Services Include

Internachi certified
first time home buyer friendly
speak spanish, habla espanol
pet friendly

A percentage of the proceeds from every service goes to charity!

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My Home Owners Say

“James inspected our home with great detail and care. He treated our home purchase as if it were his own. Very professional, affordable, and donates a portion of his business proceeds to a charity of choice. I highly recommend First Glance for your home inspection needs. Thank you so much James!”

Kirstie & David • New Home Owners

“James was professional, honest, and thorough. I’ve been to many inspections for myself and for clients. Some inspectors have rushed and seemed annoyed with my questions, but James was patient. The roof was almost brand new, so I was sure it wouldn’t be an issue, but James informed me of some problems. I am so thankful because I never would have gone up there to check!”

Dawna • Realtor & Home Owner

“I received very quick availability from first glance, and near-immediate email response to my inquiry. James was incredibly thorough with our inspection, from the crawlspace to the roof and everything in between. They also didn’t use drone photos to inspect the roof, but actually got up there and inspected it which I appreciate. he checked the wiring systems, plumbing, flooring, the whole 9 yards. I was even more pleased when I received my report same day with a breakdown of every space and system, clearly outlined with the severity of each problem and suggested fix. Wasn’t even sure how he had the time to put it all together so fast for the amount of detail and corresponding pictures. Id definitely recommend using their services.”

Erin • Home Owner


1005, 2018

What’s Included in a Home Inspection?

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First off let's get into the requirements for Virginia. As of July 1, 2017 it became a requirement that all home inspectors become state licensed.  In order to [...]

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