Did you know it is not a requirement for home inspectors to walk a roof? An even better question would be; should a home inspector walk the roof?


Most inspection vehicles going down the road are in an SUV. They carry ladders to get to a first story roof and that’s usually it. This puzzled me for a while. I didn’t get why I was the only one with a large ladder. Now I know, those inspectors consider a second story roof unsafe and they don’t walk it. I carry a 28′ extension ladder and I take it with me on every inspection. This allows me to get on and inspect most 2 story homes from the roof itself. If it’s safe to do so, and I can reach it, I will walk it.

People could argue that a leak can be found from within the attic inspection. I agree with that statement, though once a leak is found in the attic it’s done more damage to the sheathing and possibly the materials below than if found early on. When I walk the roof I can find problems before they cause significant damage. These issues may include missing shingle tabs, exposed nail heads, and flashing concerns. Protect your home by someone who’s willing to go further then the required.