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Buyer's Inspection

You’ve fallen in love with a home. Allow me to protect your family and investment by taking the first glance into all of the main systems. We are all licensed inspectors with the state of Virginia. We follow Virginia’s standard of practice. We have our prices online, so you will know exactly what you are getting before the inspection. I will inspect your home as if my family was moving in. Unlike most, I carry a large ladder and if safe to do so I climb every roof. This allows me to see concerns others would miss.

Seller's Inspection

Planning on listing your home, but don’t know what may be wrong with it? Get your home inspected before it goes onto the market. There are several benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection. It will uncover defects before they become a major concern at the time of the contract. Represent honesty and confidence to your buyers. Also, it allows you time to receive multiple quotes and find reputable contractors to make repairs. You still receive a full home inspection, but you know what minor concerns you have in your home.

Pool & Spa Inspection

Many buyers have never owned a pool before. Pools can be very intimidating at first. Backed with 4 years of running a pool truck, I will use my experience to ensure everything is running as intended. Don’t leave such an expensive aspect of your new home to chance. Learn what defects are present.

Mold & Moisture Consultation

I am a council certified structural mold investigator through the ACAC. If there is visible mold, or you have musty odors, you should think of getting a consultation. We will perform an in-depth investigation in order to locate mold producing circumstances. Unlike most companies, we don’t come in and automatically take air samples. Many inspections with visible mold don’t need any lab testing to be done. At the end of the inspection, we will provide sampling as necessary. Once the lab has analyzed the samples, we will finish the report and help you interpret and understand the condition of the property.

Delivering Care Packages

Veteran-owned nonprofit where family and friends of deployed service members purchase and personalize military care packages. You can also donate and sponsor packages for service members that don’t have any family.

Support For First Responder's

Non-profit organization providing support to our regional public safety officials, active duty or retired, and their immediate families. These individuals have suffered a hardship based on injury, illness or catastrophic event, which has created a financial or physical hardship.

Virginia Only Free Standing Hospital

CHKD relies on support to ensure the hospital is available for every child who needs our services. Each gift to The Virginia Children’s Hospital helps keep the children of our region healthy, provides families with valuable resources, and ultimately strengthens our community.

Local Animal Shelter & Adoption Center

Non-profit dependent upon charitable contributions to accomplish their work. Founded in 1889 and one the oldest continuously operating animal welfare organization. PHS is dedicated to caring for animals in the community by promoting their adoptions into loving, permanent homes.

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